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Consensus Document: Listing of concerns explanation for this action:
We are taking action to protect what we believe is in the best interest of the entire community and a desire to improve the value and quality of life in our community. This is grounded in the pursuit to minimize expenses to those that bring value to the community and prevent future fee increases

Concerns with Board of Directors & Property Management:
• Failure to provide proof of flood insurance. 
• Lack of transparency  Board membership? Who is currently on the Board? Financial issues?
• Jim Ferguson being ineligible to serve, per our Articles of Incorporation (exceeding three years);
• Other Board vacancies
• Failure to maintain property adequately (include pictures and property inspection report)
• An independent property inspection by qualified professionals (NAHI-certified), evaluating the property, identified the following issues: (see directory at end of this document)
o The condition of the roof, siding, and exterior walls, including adequate roof ventilation
o The condition of the exterior electrical and water turnoffs
o The condition of the foundation and structure, plus any retaining walls
o The presence of any pests (termites) or mold
o Any other defects that could affect the value or safety of the property
• Failure to maintain adequate records (Board meeting minutes, receipts, decisions made by the group, votes)
• Need to hold a special election
• Reminder that proxies are not valid unless turned in to the Secretary (not to anyone else)

Solutions Proposed:
Establish a monthly — or quarterly – required report of maintenance efforts and expenses to the full community
Pursue Requests for Proposal for professional property management services from multiple entities and select the service that is most affordable with a good reputation.


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